Nalanda Guru Pranama Pin Bima

Nalanda Guru Pranama Pin Bima is a unique and noble project of setting up a village recreational retreat for the benefit of Retired Teachers. This project, the first of its kind in the world and it hopes to revive and firmly establish a sense of love and warmth to our dearly beloved teachers who have rendered a great service to the nation.

One main aspiration of this project is to assist retired teachers whose kith and kin stay away from them – especially being abroad. This project will enable to fill the void created in their absence. Further it would pave the way to keep them away from loneliness and isolation during the latter part of their lives.

Once established, it would be the ideal gift and the noblest return to the retired teachers extended, mainly from ONBA and assisted by all associations of Nalanda College, its present student community and well-wishers.

Scholarship Fund

ONBA scholarship fund is to help Nalanda students who are having financial difficulties. We are happy to announce that association’s scholarship fund currently helping 12 such students on monthly basis. Member’s donations is the main source of income of the fund.


‘Nalanda Bodu Handa’ News Letter

Nalanda Bodu Handa is a quarterly publishing colored newsletter with four pages. Articles are form a wide range of rich writings of latest news, Buddhist thoughts, our history etc. Professional writers to talented students get a chance to publish their articles to this newsletter. We thankfully note that Nalanda Life Saving Society bears the printing expenses of Nalanda Boduhanda since its origin.



A glimpse of Some Past Projects

Following are some of the key projects that ONBA carried out during their short period of existance.

  • Giving back to our youth
    Donation of Buddha statues to class rooms – 2004 Nov
  • The gift of sight
    Distribution of spectacles to the people of Medawachchiya – December 2005
  • School Upliftment Project
    The Kothalawala MV of Ratmalana was a Buddhist School which was on the verge of closing down due to poor management and negligent. On the request of Ven .Weligama Gnaratana Thero ONBA intervened and made arrangements with the local authorities to restart the school and enhance the facilities available to the students.
  • “Mau Piya Guna Sambhawana”
    A programme to felicitate the parents as well as to inculcate the family values and bonding of students.
  • Daham Pusthakalaya
    It was a need to have a good collection of Damma books for the main library of Nalanda Vidyalaya, as students are keen to read and learn Buddhism. The committee presented a vast collection of damma books including “Dammapadaya”,” Piruwana Poth Vahanse”, “Jathaka Katha Poth Vahase”, etc. and necessary Book shelf to hold them.
  • Rebuilding lives
    Atha watunu wewa is a Village which was under frequent threats from the terrorists in Padaviya. The ONBA did conduct 2 major projects there. Building of a shrine room at Sri Udumbararamaya, on the request of Chief Incumbent with the assistance of the people of the community. Donation of Agricultural equipment, stationery items for school children and clothing for the villagers.
  • “Gee Bodu Samara”
    A music CD containing an assortment of well composed Buddhist songs, recorded by leading artists. As country is not getting any new Buddhist songs in the current context, ONBA thought of publishing ‘Gee Bodu Samara’.